iZone Smart Home Controller

i Z o n e  S o l u t i o n 

T h e  s m a r t  h o m e  h a s  a r r i v e d

     Just ask Smart Alec.


Make your home a smart home.

Control everything from your smart device.

F u l l  H o m e  A u t o m a t i o n 


Your complete home automation system. Weather building or renovating. With one touch, turn on air cond, dim lights, water gardens or boil your kettle. Schedule everything and do nothing.



S t a r t  w i t h  o n e . . . . . A d d  m o r e  l a t e r .

iZone lets you build your smart home as quickly or as slowly as you want. Start with air con, lighting, reticulation or power. Or get them all. You choose. That’s what makes iZone affordable, scalable and future-proof.


S m a r t  h o m e   a n d  b u s i n e s s .

Improve productivity and comfort. Set the perfect temperature, adjust lighting and manage appliances. Control everything from anywhere, anytime. Imagine never yelling, ”turn off the lights!" ever again.


S a v i n g  e n e r gy

S a v i n g  t h e  p l a n e t 


An iZone eco friendly smart home means you can control the amount of power you use. So at the same time you’re doing your bit for the planet.