Jet Towels

Jet Towel is the original air jet hand dryer designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric in 1992. The first Jet Towel was introduced in Japan in 1993 and works by producing two jets of air to force water off the hands in approximately 10 seconds.

Since Mitsubishi Electric developed this world's first vertical hand dryer, more than 650 000 Jet Towels have been sold around the world to Banks, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Restaurants and other facilities.

Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel commercial hand dryer is elegant and has made it popular with Facility Managers thanks to easy installation, low maintenance and low power consumption. Jet Towel is up to 50% more efficient than ordinary commercial hand dryers and can result in up to 95% costs savings when compared to paper towels. Users enjoy Jet Towel’s convenience, hygiene and innovative design.