LG UT36Q2 9.5kW Cassette

Cassette Air Conditioner (is no longer available)

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LG UT36Q2 9.5kW Cassette is no longer available.

4 Vane Independent Operation

Vane angle control satisfies both users who like direct wind or indirect wind and it also reduces cold air drafts. Improved wide vanes reduce dead bands and provide better air and temperature distribution. One motor per vane is adopted to control each of the four vanes independently, freely controlling air currents according to requirements.

Low noise

BLDC motor, low indoor noise with high efficiency turbo fan:

  • Improved outlet & airflow design

  • Removal of unnecessary noise through the high efficiency turbo fan

  • Resonance noise removal by anti vibration design and BLDC motor

High ceiling operation

Depending on the height of the installation, LG air conditioners allow you to vary the speed of the indoor fan motor. When installation is low, the RPM can be reduced but it can be increased when the installation is high to ensure optimum comfort levels. The speed can be adjusted via the slide switch on the back of the LCD wired remote.

Slim and Compact size

The indoor unit with its slim and compact size enables successful installation in confined spaces.

Weekly Programming

You can set on/off programming options on your air conditioning system for a period of one week:

  • 24-Hour On/Off Timer in 1 hour intervals

  • Test Run Mode

  • Self Diagnosis Function

  • 3-Step Fan Speed Selection

  • Room Temperature Display

Durable Coating

LG air conditioners feature anti corrosive coating on the surface of the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit. The coating is designed to protect air conditioners from pollution and corrosive conditions and assists in the durability and longevity of the unit. It is the perfect solution for Australian outdoor conditions.

All Product Specifications supplied by LG Electronics as correct at time of publishing. Specifications may change without prior notice. Customers are advised to check with the manufacturer before purchase. Actual product may differ to that depicted for ongoing product development.cassette_36


Set Name UT36Q2
Indoor UTN36WH2
Outdoor UU36WH2
Front Panel   PT-UMC1
Power Supply Ø / V / Hz 220 - 240 / 1 / 50
Capacity Cooling kW 4.5 - 9.5 - 13.0
Heating kW 5.0 - 10.8 - 13.7
Running Current A 1.00
Fan Motor Output x Number of Unit W x No. 135.8 x 1
  Air Flow Rate (H / M / L) L/s 533 / 435 / 336
Heat Exchanger #1_Coil Row x Columnx FPI mm (2 x 12 x 19) x 1
#1_Coil Row x Columnx FPI mm (1 x 10 x 19) x 1
Dimensions Indoor (W x H x D) mm 840 x 288 x 840
Decorative Panel (WxHxD) mm 950 x 25 x 950
Outdoor (W x H x D) mm 950 x 1,380 x 330
Net Weight Indoor kg 28.0
Outdoor kg 91.5
Dehumidification Rate L / h 1.5
Running Current Cooling A 9.5
Heating A 10.8
Power Supply Cable (includes earth) No.x mm² 3C x 5.0
Interunit Cable (includes earth) No.x mm² 4C x 0.75
Power and Communication Cable No.x mm² 4C x 0.75
Compressor Oil Type   FVC68D
OilCharge cc x No. 1,300 x 1
Refrigerant   R410
Refrigerant Cycle Charge g 3,400
Additional Charging Volume g / m 40
Heat Exchange (Rows x Columns x Fins per inch) x No. mm (2 x 32 x 14) x 2
Fan Motor Output W x No. 124 x 2
Fan Motor Air Flow Rate L / s 916 x 2
Air Circulation CMM 110
Sound Level (Max / H / M / L ) dB(A) 66 / 44 / 40 / 36
Sound Pressure Level Cooling dB(A) 51
Heating dB(A) 53
Piping Connection Liquid mm ø9.52
Gas mm ø15.88
Drain (O.D. / I.D.) mm ø32.0 / 25.0
Max Piping Length   m 75
Piping Elevation Difference IDU-ODU m 30
Operation Range 
(Outdoor Temperature)
Cooling °C DB -15 to 48
Heating °C DB -18 to 18
Brand LG
Shipping Weight 124.5000kg

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