Air Conditioner Installation

Commercial Design & Installation of Air Conditioning & Mechanical Services is part on Lawson Air's ongoing service Australia Wide. We pride ourselves on our expert team of professionals to ensure your projects come in on time and budget, while ensuring a quality design & finished product for the end customer.


Our Commercial Installations can include:


Some of our Customers include:


  • Huthchison Builders
  • Impact Homes
  • UIH Builders
  • Bryant Builders
  • Constructions Group
  • Rams Constructions
  • Tomkins
  • PSG Holdings
  • QA Developments


We install the air conditioners we sell, this means you get the professional expertise & quality finish you require, right from your equipment selection all the way through to the detail of installation you require for your home.  

Installations will vary widely depending on product type, size, existing or new premises, access requirements and environment etc.

We pride ourselves in doing the best possible installation, with the best possible components, at the best possible price.

Please contact our sales team to ensure you're getting the right team to do your job, with an installation that won't cause you issues down the track, thus ensuring "a quality experience".


Our Domestic Installation can include: 




This chart is to be used as a guide only. We recommend you engage one of our qualified air conditioning technicians to measure your room and evaluate the individual heat loads.


1. How do I size an air conditioner for my room?

The first thing you need to establish is the area of the room. For a square or rectangular room, simply multiply the length (metres) by the width (m) to get the area in metres squared. You can then use the guide above. If your room is open plan or an unusual shape, measure and calculate the area of each section and then add the areas together.


2. What size air conditioner do you use in a standard bedroom?

The average bedroom is between 8 and 16 metres squared. We would typically recommend a 2.5kW system (otherwise known as one horse power). But if you think you have a particularly hot room and poor insulation contact us for advice.


3. What is the best brand air conditioner?

After many years of repairing all brands of air conditioners, we can certainly say "stick to the well known brands". When it comes to air conditioning, you generally get what you pay for. A very cheap air conditioner may seem worthwhile to begin with but often the cheapest brands end up costing much more in the long term.


4. Which brand has the best warranty?

While many brands carry a five year warrany, not all brands will still be around in five years. And not all brands are manufacturer backed. We have had some cheaper brands take up to three months to attend a warranty service request. Once again, stick to the well known brands who support their customers and protect their reputation.


5. How big an air conditioner do I need for my house?

Generally when sizing up a ducted system, you need to calculate the area of all of the rooms that you intend to use at the same time during the day. This would usually consist of all of the living areas plus the study. The air conditioner capacity is then calculated using this area.